Hiring A Babynurse

What are the babynurse’s duties?

The babynurse will take care of the baby and all the baby’s related needs


How do you calculate a 3 month booking?

A 3 month booking is calculated for 3 months(not weeks) from the start date.

Example:  April 3 – July 3


Will the babynurse sleep train my baby to sleep through the night as well?

Yes, with a 3 month booking our babynurses are able to get your baby sleeping through the night


Do the babynurses have experience with multiple babies

Yes, the babynurses do


If we are expecting the babynurse to travel, do we pay  her expenses?

Yes, you will cover all travel expenses.


Are the babynurses CPR certified?

Yes, all babynurses have up to date  CPR certifications


How soon, can we get a babynurse to start

A babynurse is available today if you wish.


Can I meet the babynurse in person

Absolutely, if the babynurse’s schedule permits she will meet you at a location convenient  to you.


Can references be provided for us to check ?

Yes, you are encouraged to contact the verifiable references provided.



Sleep Services

 Do you work with families internationally?

Yes, our sleep consulting service works with parents all over the world


When is the best time to get my baby on a path to better sleep?

During the first month of life, as we believe setting the right foundation from the beginning is the easiest way to a baby’s good night sleep.


Does your sleep consulting service support breastfeeding moms?

Absolutely, we will work with you to provide the best approach which supports your breastfeeding routine.


What is the difference between sleep consulting and sleep training

We use the term sleep consulting for when we consult with you on how to get your baby on a path to better sleep.

The term sleep training we use to indicate that we are the ones who will come in and train your baby to get on the path to better sleep.


We have a planned trip coming up, should we wait after our trip to start with your sleep services?

It depends, if you have at least two weeks before your trip to implement the sleep practices, then doing the sleep training/consulting before your trip should be fine. However, waiting to implement the sleep practices is best after you return if you do not have at least 2 weeks before your trip.