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by Anja D on 3 Months To Sleep
Words cannot describe how wonderful a baby nurse Jessica is!

Before Jessica worked with us, we had tried two baby nurses - neither worked out, and we were ready to give up, though felt desperate to try again since the postpartum period was so difficult.
Jessica came in recommended by a friend, and from the first day she was with us, she exuded a quiet, calm confidence that put the entire household at ease. She definitely is able to make suggestions and recommendations without being pushy or overbearing. She is warm and caring with an easygoing demeanor, yet is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable about anything and everything to do with infant care. She has pretty much seen it all - whatever issue we had, she always had a solution that was specifically tailored to our baby and our situation.

With Jessica's help, my baby slept through the night when she was 9 weeks old. While that was extremely helpful, that isn't the main reason why I am so fond of Jessica. What sets Jessica apart is that she goes an extra mile. Jessica helped me and lent me her expertise for months to follow. Often I would be in another room while Jessica was with my baby, and I could hear her singing and reading to her, with my daughter squealing
with delight. She gives it her best, and genuinely loves babies.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica's services and only wish she could stay with us longer!

by KIrsten Jordan on 3 Months To Sleep
A Very Satisfied Repeat Customer

All advice and techniques tailored to your unique child. My husband and I quickly went from feeling overwhelmed by the unpredictability of bedtime to being able to plan our lives around our little "swiss clock."

Our first daughter slept through the night by 3 months and our second was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks!

by Melinda Buie on 3 Months To Sleep

As new parents we had no idea what to expect when we got home from the hospital. No book can quite prepare you for this incredible (and daunting) experience. Jessica was there to greet us, help us and teach us. She has such an amazing way with babies and got our boy sleeping through the night by 3 months. We highly recommend her services!!

by Melinda P on 3 Months To Sleep
I Speak Often And To Many About Our Wonderful Experience

Every hour it seemed I was learning something new and my was there a lot to learn. Especially the specific steps to take to get your child to sleep through the night. Some of it is counter intuitive and had I not had Jessica there to teach me, I would still not be getting any sleep. If you would like your new baby to sleep through the night, hire Jessica. And do what she tells you! Period.

by Jennie on 3 Months To Sleep
An Excellent Problem Solver

This approach is exceptional. Any questions that I had were answered which was a relief (because I had very little idea of what I was doing). Our baby (who was the equivalent of 8 weeks old when Jessica left) had an excellent sleeping pattern, on the path towards sleeping through the night.

by Lauren Y on 3 Months To Sleep
Amazing Methods

From the time she entered my home it was clear that we had gotten very lucky to have found Jessica. Jessica is an expert in every aspect of newborn care, particularly sleep. She was an easy person to be around and was available whenever we had questions or needed to discuss anything with her.
I would recommend Jessica to anyone seeking sleep services or newborn care without hesitation.

by Robin on 3 Months To Sleep
Incredible & Professional

Jessica's approach was nothing short of incredible. She stepped right in when my youngest was born, although he was extremely small when he came home from the hospital(4 pounds, 11 ounces) she was very comfortable with him and took care of his needs beautifully.

Jessica is bright, charismatic, helpful and loving. Exactly the type of person one would want to care for baby.

by Cathy on 3 Months To Sleep
Best Baby Sleep Expert

The reason my child is a good sleeper is because she was trained well from the beginning. The recommendation came to me from my good friend who had used Jessica's services twice and had both her babies sleeping through the night by 3 months. We both agree she is a baby whisperer.
Not only was she an invaluable resource but an incredibly kind and gentle soul.
We are thankful that she came into our home not only to train our daughter, but also training us.

by Sarah L on 3 Months To Sleep
A Thankful First Time Mom

As a first time mother I had many concerns, especially since my son had some feeding issues from birth. After the first night with my son Jake I was relieved by Jessica's knowledge and expertise. When Jessica arrived at my home afterwards, I would hand over my son and feel 100% confident that he would be well taken care of.

In hindsight, I should have hired Jessica for the entire year but she has many other clients that she works with and has a tight schedule.

by Ally T on 3 Months To Sleep
True Baby Whisperer

Jessica is known around NYC as the "baby whisperer". I was
actually told by one reference that "Jessica saved me, my baby and my marriage."
She takes safety very seriously, yet her ease and calm nature helped me be a better and more relaxed mom.

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